Friday, November 16, 2012

Venetian Hot Chocolate ~ Dark, Rich, Pure Bliss

Hello Everyone!

There's just a few recipes that I'll be sharing on my new blog. This is one of them. 

Please click on the link to view this recipe: Venetian Hot Chocolate

 xo ~ Jilly


  1. This looks amazing! I remember always drinking hot chocoalte at this small cafe while I visited venice, and have been trying to replicate their chocolate perfectly ever since. will try out :)

  2. Thank you! And thanks for leaving a comment! Another reader told me the same thing. Use good dark chocolate for this recipe. Be transported back to Venice(I hope!) ;)

  3. I love it! (TBH, I added a bit more sugar >.< )

  4. I'm so glad you liked it! I'm sure the extra sugar made it sweeter. It's an easy recipe to tweak to your own personal taste. Thanks for leaving a comment. :)

  5. OMG!! I love hot chocolate soooo much, especially topped with coconut milk! Thank for sharing. I had featured u in the post of Deep Love to Mother: Top 7 Recipes Based on Yummy Chocolate on AllFreshRecipes. Look forward to ur newly recipes!

    1. Nico, thank you for featuring my recipe. Glad you liked it. I'm a serious chocolate lover...there will be more.