Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thick & Hearty Diner-Style Chili ~ A Satisfying & Healthy Recipe Makeover

I've moved to a new and improved wordpress blog called
Vintage Kitchen ~ Comfort Food with a Twist
Please visit me there. Click on the link below to get this recipe and many more!
Diner Style Chili Recipe 
Hope to see you there! xo Jilly


  1. Very interesting insight into your Boston arrival. Enjoyed it immensely!

    1. Thanks Carol! Sometimes there really is a silver lining. I would have never believed it back then. When we got here, my mood matched the weather...gloomy and gray. Life sure takes us on many journeys. Thanks for leaving the kind comment.

  2. How cool that you have La Japonaise watching you cook in the kitchen! What a lovely painting! And the photo of the pond is so beautiful.

    1. Hey Julia, always so nice seeing you here. Thanks so much! Been meaning to tell you about a food blogger site called Honest Cooking. Have you been? You fill out an application and provide a blurb about yourself. They decide
      which recipies to publish on their site. They won Saveur Magazine's Best Group Blog award last year. Cool place
      to join. Your photos and recipes are beatiful! I think they'd love to feature some of them!